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Italy easily makes more styles of sparkling and effervescent wines than any other country. They range from lightly fizzy to fully sparkling. They are made from numerous grape varietals and can be white, pink, or red. They range from sweet to dry. They can be made with very low alcohol levels or really high, but there are only two ways of making them. The Classic Method, or Metodo Classico in Italian is when the second fermentation takes place in the same bottle that it will be sold. The other way is called the Tank Method, where the second fermentation takes place in a temperature controlled pressure tank or autoclave. This method makes it easier to control the amount of effervescence in the wine and is the best way to make fruity and aromatic sparkling wines.

In 1902 a man named Giulio Ferrari was determined to make a sparkling wine that would rival champagne. He was one of the first to plant a significant amount of Chardonnay grapes in the Trentino region in Northern Italy. Today, Ferrari is still at the top in producing Metodo Classico sparkling wine under the Trento DOC denomination even with more than 50 other producers. In 2017, Ferrari was named the “Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year” in London at the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championship. The Ferrari vineyards are also certified organic.

You can find Ferrari Sparkling wine all over Italy and there is even a Ferrari wine bar at the airport in Milan and Rome, that serves varieties of the delicious bubbles.

We are very excited to say that now you too can drink this historic Metodo Classico here at Bari and just in time for the holidays! Ferrari make dozens of sparkling wines ranging from the Classic Line to higher tiers, and even riservas. We are proud to say we are carrying the Ferrari Brut from the Classic Line. It is made from 100% chardonnay grapes grown in three different communes in Trentino and it spends 24 months on the yeasts.
I would describe the flavor for you, but you should just come try it for yourself!




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